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Ki Ke Umu Olubor Kwu Zi?

When OPU Lagos was born in April 1946 at a quiet place in Onikan, Lagos, it was without fanfare, but with the focus and aim of taking Owerre-Olubor to autonomy and to greater heights.  Indeed, the formation itself was a radical departure from acquiescing with the clannish posturing of Akumazi.  The six Umu Olubor who took that decision to be autonomous were from the five ogbes of Owerre-Olubor.  They were men of honour in the persons of John Awanah, Godfrey Anene, Jombo Idewu, Pius Okorie Monye, Geoffrey Uzoelue, and Augustine Ndikanwun, the last being the only surviving titan among the six.  They had conjoined with Akumazi natives in Lagos to form a union.  They broke away to form the union called Odimma Obodo, and they foresaw then that autonomy was something desirable.  It is therefore worrisome that the present generation of Umu Olubor appears not to be exerting the required effort to realize this chiefdom.  What went wrong?  Many things have gone wrong – beginning from attitudes to procedures.

For instance, attendance at OPU Lagos meetings.  This has always been very discouraging.  Out of over 120 members, scarcely do we cross 40 in attendance; and even then, up to 37 members come late with some arriving two hours behind the starting time of 2:00 p.m.  Many members also cleverly stagger the dates of their attendance so as to beat the membership expiry term.  This attitude leaves room for dearth of badly needed ideas for advancing the cause (or causes) of our dear homeland.  Therefore, a matter that should have been concluded at one meeting would take several meetings before a firm resolution could be reached.  This is a major drawback!

Foul and inflammatory statements during deliberations.  It is not uncommon to hear statements such as “you Umuikpulu are supporting him because he is your brother.”  A statement similar to this was uttered during OPU’s deliberation on the performance of the ward councilor on 3rd April 2011.  This sort of utterance is very divisive and it is unbecoming of a member of a progress union like OPU Lagos.

Added to this are innuendoes which border on naivety, ill-will and undermining of progressive actions.  One sometimes would hear members asking: “what are they going to do with the fund being raised?”  Or “why should this braggart be made the president?” as if the members raising that question did not vote at the election.  And it is even possible that such members were not present at the election so as to vote against the bloody braggart.  This is the attitude of scoffers; and scoffers never make progress in any cause, or course of action.

Another attitudinal problem is the disgusting unwillingness to participate in action committees, with excuses such as church activities and distance of residence. The irony is that members in this mold are the very ones who pay lip service to the love for Owerre-Olubor. Love is played out in actions, not in mere words!  Does the Bible not say that faith without works is dead? Similarly, love for (or faith in) the homeland must be demonstrated in works (i.e. actions).

Furthermore is the perfunctory performance in assigned tasks, e.g. reporting on field work by OPU Exco departments; the search for a new meeting venue; the review of the OPU constitution. For instance, the committee set up in February 2010 to search for a new meeting venue has not found any venue and yet has not reported back to the OPU meeting since then – 18 months ago! Again, a 5-man committee was set up to review and amend the OPU constitution and that committee was given two months to submit its report.  To do its work properly the five men should sit severally and discuss the job at hand, but it is sad to say that only two men met throughout the time frame to review and amend the constitution.  The other three gave excuses such as church activities and travels.

Still with regard to shoddy execution of assignments, the OPU Exco members cannot be exonerated. At the beginning of the term of the present administration (Feb. 2010/Dec. 2013) the Exco was carved out into six departments with specific tasks and to report on their research activities which are called “field work.”  It is painful that only one department out of six actually reported any field work.  That means the other departments never did any research, much less to give any written or oral report.

What more? The Youth Wing, which ought to be the soul and vanguard of the Union in Lagos, has refused to form, conform and perform!  Efforts were exerted on 2nd October 2010 to resuscitate the Youth Wing at a meeting in Festac Town where some pioneer members were selected and given the noble task of assembling their peers.  Eight months after, petty squabbles and old animosity among the arrowheads have been the wedge and the youths are yet to assemble.  Certainly, their confessed love for the homeland is not in action. Love in action is the language!

Now the procedural problems.  We see these at play in the conduct of meetings. A meeting well conducted and directed will certainly bring progress. This is where the chairing of OPU Lagos meetings and even the Town Conference should be methodical and directional, but certainly not didactic as some OPU Lagos members have often complained about.  Matters should be exhaustively debated by floor members and with less of presidential veto, so that sensible resolutions can be reached and followed up concertedly.

If it took 65 years to open a bank account for the union, then something had fundamentally gone wrong with procedure and chairing of OPU meetings. The OPU Exco of 2001/2010 told the Union that a bank account had been opened in the name of the Union, but that was a lie. And that was a blatant procedural failure as far as sections 8(i) and (ii) and article 51 of the OPU constitution are concerned. Subjoined is an extract from my letter dated 8th August 2002 to the OPU president at that time.

“I am greatly disturbed by the information that our union, the Olubor House in Lagos, has never had a bank account for all the funds being gathered every month at our meetings!  Two views immediately hit me, and they are: first, that we are loose in our organization; and second, that we must have lost huge amount of interests on funds that should have been placed in the bank.  As I always say, Owerre-Olubor is no longer a fledgling community.  We have come of age and our eyes are wizened enough to have seen too many ways and means of doing things properly.

Our constitution (at page 13: subsections 8(i) & 8(ii) and article 51) clearly states that the union shall operate a bank account.  If, in the past we could excuse our not having a bank account because we had no constitution, we should correct this anomaly now that we have a written constitution – with a clause to operate a bank account.  I had been with the women’s wing for two years and, before then as well as throughout my service the women operated a savings bank account.  Indeed, in Year 2001 alone, the women’s Omegabank saving account gathered interests amounting to N23,000 plus.  The bank balance as at December 2001 was N224,000 plus.  If our wives could do this, even without a written code of ethics, why can’t we – who have a written constitution?

My dear President, in view of the gravity of this matter, I will appreciate it if it is top on the agenda of the meeting of September.  Failing this, I may propose a motion for the audit that will be due in September, and then the immediate transfer of all cash in the treasury to a bank account in the month of October.  It will not matter whether that account is in the name of a trustworthy member or in the union’s name.  This has become an emergency!”

It is cheerful to know that this systemic failure was corrected by the present OPU Exco in May 2010 – barely five months into its administration. And this is a procedure that ought to have been in place 65 years ago.

Another procedural failure – now with the hue of financial malfeasance – is the N112,000 which is still being held by Chief Jebose’s committee on health centre.  Two years ago that committee submitted a report to the Town Conference about how it had spent N88,000 out of the N200,000 donated by Chief Vincent Ojogbo.  The balance of N112,000 is yet to be tendered either in cash or by cheque to the Town Conference Exco in spite of Chief Jebose’s resignation as Town Conference Vice-Chairman immediately after election in April 2010. The Conference Exco, whose chairman is also President of OPU Lagos, has not effectively redressed this misappropriation.

Money answers all matters, so says the holy writ.  However, the case of OPU Lagos is that of poverty in the midst of plenty! So, our lean purse can answer only very few things.  Today, OPU Lagos has a debt figure of 1.3 million naira due from members. This is another procedural hindrance to our efforts at making progress.  Many members who come to meetings do not think of paying their subscriptions, not to talk of offsetting their huge debts. We need to have a rethinking.

I cannot end these views without saying something about the obiship process.  The methods so far used reek with scuttling of the process in words, deeds and intrigues.  The DI Committee will not perform and words of doubt have become a scarecrow to those rallying to actualize this inalienable right.  There is need to put some vim into the process, even in a radical and abrasive way.

My take in all these is that OPU Lagos has fallen grossly short of expectations since its founding in April 1946.

Frank Monye
Lagos: 27 July 2011

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The Last Supper or The Lord's Supper - A fixed date possible in Western Calendar?

Last Supper was a day earlier, scientist claims

AFP – Mon Apr 18, 2011  12:31 pm ET

LONDON (AFP) – Christians have long celebrated Jesus Christ's Last Supper on Maundy Thursday but new research released Monday claims to show it took place on the Wednesday before the crucifixion.
Professor Colin Humphreys, a scientist at the University of Cambridge, believes it is all due to a calendar mix-up -- and asserts his findings strengthen the case for finally introducing a fixed date for Easter.
Humphreys uses a combination of biblical, historical and astronomical research to try to pinpoint the precise nature and timing of Jesus's final meal with his disciples before his death.
Researchers have long been puzzled by an apparent inconsistency in the Bible.
While Matthew, Mark and Luke all say the Last Supper coincided with the start of the Jewish festival of Passover, John claims it took place before Passover.
Humphreys has concluded in a new book, "The Mystery Of The Last Supper", that Jesus -- along with Matthew, Mark and Luke -- may have been using a different calendar to John.
"Whatever you think about the Bible, the fact is that Jewish people would never mistake the Passover meal for another meal, so for the Gospels to contradict themselves in this regard is really hard to understand," Humphreys said.
"Many biblical scholars say that, for this reason, you can't trust the Gospels at all. But if we use science and the Gospels hand in hand, we can actually prove that there was no contradiction."
In Humphreys' theory, Jesus went by an old-fashioned Jewish calendar rather than the official lunar calendar which was in widespread use at the time of his death and is still in use today.
This would put the Passover meal -- and the Last Supper -- on the Wednesday, explaining how such a large number of events took place between the meal and the crucifixion.
It would follow that Jesus' arrest, interrogation and separate trials did not all take place in the space of one night but in fact occurred over a longer period.
Humphreys believes a date could therefore be ascribed to Easter in our modern solar calendar, and working on the basis that the crucifixion took place on April 3, Easter Day would be on April 5.

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AJ 21 hours ago
So Jesus, who was Jewish, was using a Jewish calendar, versus the lunar calendar... and this is a surprise to whom? And it took this long to figure that out?

BRUCE ALMIGHTY 19 hours ago
I wish some scientist would figure out why Yahoo has so many servor errors and then fix it.

C 21 hours ago Report Abuse
Doesn't matter one day early or late. It is the atonement that matters not the date.

Joe 21 hours ago Report Abuse
Jesus wasn't born on December 25th it was a well known date for a pagan holiday this date was chosen by Emperor Constantine so the "paganists" would not be inconvenienced.

just like christmas, winter, who cares it is the reason why we celebrate, but many people forget the reason. Many people see as a reason to go buy new easter clothes, buy eggs and such and such. What day does not matter, it is why we celebrate what really counts.

eyoung b 22 hours ago Report Abuse
Very interesting. However, Apostle Paul tells us not to get hung up on days, seasons and festivals, new moons and genealogies. Its Christ crucified and that's it. Paul came not only with word but with power of Holy Ghost.

Antonio 18 hours ago Report Abuse
Easter every year varies from one date to another so the date is never important. It's the solemnity of the Passion of Jesus Christ that's important.

And I agree, it's glad to see God made the news today.

Julie 22 hours ago Report Abuse
It truly is not the date that is important, but the significance of the EVENT itself. We are celebrating the Resurrection and the fact that we have an eternal home because Jesus sacrificed himself for us to cleanse us of our sins.

Louis R L 21 hours ago Report Abuse
Why do we wonder and worry about the establishment of a set day? It is NOT the day, month or year but the event of giving HIS life for our sins that makes it important. Focus on the real meaning of Easter not why it moves on the calendar....

Michelle 21 hours ago Report Abuse
The Apostles and the early Church never celebrated Easter. Easter was introduced by Constatine, who took it fron the pagan holiday esther, the goddess of fertility.

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Precisely, John 13:1 is where the statement, "the day before Passover", appears. We should read between the lines all the Bible narratives about the Passover to be able to see that there is a difference between the Jewish Passover meal and the new covenant meal (the Eucharist, if you like) which Jesus Christ instituted as a memorial of his imminent death. So the incident that John recorded as occurring "the day before Passover" was NOT THE NEW COVENANT MEAL properly called the "Lord's Supper" which is different from the so-called "Last Supper" - the Jewish Passover meal. And we should bear in mind that the meal that John recorded at 13:1 could NOT have been the Jewish Passover meal if it occurred "the day BEFORE" the Passover. So the professor, Colin Humphreys, appears not to properly understand the meals which "coincided with the start of the Jewish festival of Passover."

The Passover date must always vary given the fact that 14th Nisan in the Jewish MAY NEVER be 14th of March or April in the Gregorian calendar, or 14th of the corresponding month in Muslim, Hindu, and Chinese calendars.  But as far as the Jews, who may be using lunar calendar, are concerned the14th day of Nisan is a fixed date.  So the Passover date elsewhere must always change because of the different calendars used in relation to the Jewish calendar wherein NISAN is one of the months.

Humphreys, certainly, is making much ado about nothing.

– C.F. Monye

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The Fallacy in latter-day Visions

16 of History's Most Rebellious Women

(by TIME magazine in association with CNN)
Stock Montage / Getty Images
Joan of Arc, France
The French peasant girl had a dream — in fact she had many dreams, visions in which Christian saints would come to her, urging her to take up the fight against the English, who occupied much of northern France. Improbably, Joan made her way to the court of the cowed French dauphin, or prince, and impressed the royals with her holy cause to the point that she was given armor and troops to command. At Orleans in 1429, Joan proved her mettle by famously leading the assault that lifted the English siege of the city. A pivotal victory, it spurred other quick successes and turned the tide against the English invaders. A few years later, though, Joan was captured by the forces of England's French allies and burned in a public square on grounds of heresy and witchcraft. The French King Charles VII, whose crown had been secured in part by Joan's heroics, did little to try to save her. But history and popular legend redeemed Joan, who was canonized in 1920 by the Vatican and remains one of France's patron saints. —Ishaan Tharoor

I have often pointed out that Satan is the one behind the latter-day visions by some "Christians" and the apparitions that are peculiar to the Catholic Church. How could the true God who abhors violence have sent dead people, whom the Catholics refer to as "saints", to Joan and goaded her to pick up arms against fellow humans?  Did Jesus not show a practical example of his Father's abhorrence of violence when he told Peter that those who kill with the sword will die by the sword? Now, if the true God (and not Satan) had given the mission to Joan, she would not have been captured later and tried and then executed on trumped up charges!  Can someone now see the fallacy in the so-called visions and apparitions?  These latter-day Christian features are nothing but things actuated by Satan. -- Frank Monye, Owerre-Olubor

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The Sons of Violence as Born-Again

Lagos Govt, RCCG Honour Adeboye with Boxing Tourney
Posted By pmnews On March 2, 2011 @ 11:55 am In Boxing,Local,Sports
Lagos State Government and Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG are organizing a boxing championship to celebrate the 69th birthday of the General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.
The events, which are billed to hold today and tomorrow, will be staged at the Youth Centre Hall of the RCCG Camp, Km.  46-50 Lagos/Ibadan  expressway.
According to the programme of the event made available by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant on Grassroots Sports Development to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola headed by Prince Olawale Oladunjoye, a sports summit was held today at the RCCG Camp, while tomorrow, a boxing tournament, which will feature seven bouts, five male and 2 female will hold tomorrow.
“We are featuring boxing because Pastor Adeboye was a boxer in his youthful age and because the game is his first love, we decided to honour him with a competition that will make him look back at that time he was boxing,” said Prince Oladunjoye, who said all logistics to ensure a glamorous tournament have been put in place.
The Director of Sports of the RCCG, Pastor Paul Bankole said that the talents discovered in the two days event will be groomed to the fullest, while they would also be supported to succeed in their chosen career.
[Honouring the pastor Enoch Adeboye with martial arts, such as boxing, karate, judo or wrestling, marks a complete departure from the purpose of the Almighty whom the pastor claims to serve and to represent.  God destroyed the ante-deluvian world because he saw that the earth was filled with violence – which boxing is! Is the pastor going to be chief guest of honour at this pugilistic event?  Why should RCCG (a religious organization) work in tandem with the Lagos Govt (a political state) to organize this game of Satan? And yet these “redeemed” people are the ones usually claiming to be born again!  Is this pugilistic behaviour a characteristic of the born-again people of the new-age religious movement?  Genethnai anothem is the Greek expression for being born again.  The expression means being “generated from above”.  Without knowing what they claim, these Pentecostal loudmouths say that they are born again.  Jesus said that if the blind lead the blind, they both will fall into the ditch!
CF Monye, Owerre-Olubor]

Reply |CF Monye to samuel, aitkinsade, Onwubuyah, samuel, danagbaje, taiwoolalere, Vincent, Anthony, ernestigboji, lix
From        CF Monye <>
To            Onwubuyah Clement <>
Cc           samuel Ojogbo <>, samuel Nkili <>,,,, Vincent Uyanwanne <>, Anthony Monye <>,,
Date       Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 3:32 PM
Subject  Re: The sons of violence as born-again

My response to the last comment: “The word of God says thou shall not judge.Who made you a judge?  Beware of what you say about anointed men of God. It may be dangerous.”

Do not misconstrue the Biblical statement, "thou shall not judge".  In the correct context, judging here connotes inflicting punitive measures, just like the bearded pastor Emeka King would do, or just like a Joseph Kibwetere of Uganda had done when he set ablaze a thousand congregants, or just like a Jim Jones of The People's Temple in Guyana did when he gave cyanide solution to over 900 congregants to drink and die in November 1978. If you say blankly, "do not judge, ... do not condemn" where then is the corrective preachment?

Jesus judged the Scribes and the Pharisees of his time; and on one occasion he cursed them 7 times by saying: "Woe ...." That judgement did not inflict any injury as the Pharisees would have done by recommending flogging or stoning.  The preaching work is a corrective one; and the person who is not ready to receive the salve that opens the eyes will remain spiritually blind! Such incorrigible people are the true sons and daughters of Belial -- the god of this world who has blocked their minds so that the light of truth will not enter!

I have since April 1996, when I kicked the Church, raised my hands up and swore to a declaration to speak the truth as of Christ and his apostles and without caring whose ox is gored.  And so I do not believe that any self-acclaimed "anointed man of God" is too big to challenge and correct. If a so-called man of God relishes watching men and women at brawl, just like the ancient Roman lords would do when they set the stage for gladiators, then that so-called anointed man of God has derailed and someone should speak up with the aim of bringing him back on track!

I need to field more responses so that I can do a well-researched paper on the thoroughly misconstrued status of being "born again."


On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 10:26 PM, Onwubuyah Clement <> wrote:
Hi Frank,
The word of God says thou shall not judge.Who made you a judge?  Beware of what you say about anointed men of God. It may be dangerous.

From        DANIEL AGBAJE <>
To            CF Monye <>
Date       Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 7:37 PM
subjectRe: The sons of violence as born-again

They are born 'wuruwuru'.  When the so called born-again dine with the 'devil' what do you expect!

--- On Wed, 3/2/11, CF Monye <> wrote:
From: CF Monye <>
Subject: The sons of violence as born-again
To: "JOSIAH OKOROCHA-BRIGHT" <>, "Vincent Uyanwanne" <>, "Onwubuyah Clement" <>,, "samuel Ojogbo" <>,,, "Anthony Monye" <>,
Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 6:14 PM

The attached news item is very instructive.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lagos Govt, RCCG Honour Adeboye With Boxing Tourney

Lagos Govt, RCCG Honour Adeboye With Boxing Tourney

Honouring the pastor Enoch Adeboye with martial arts, such as boxing, karate, judo or wrestling marks complete departure from the purpose of the Almighty whom the pastor claims to serve and represent. Is he going to be chief guest of honour at the pugilistic event? Why should RCCG work in tandem with the Lagos State Govt to organize this game of Satan the devil? And yet these "redeemed" people are the ones usually claiming to be "born again!" Is this pugilistic behaviour a characteristic of the "born again" Christian? "Genethnai anothem" is the Greek expression for being born again. The expression means being "generated from above." Without knowing what they claim, the Pentecostal loudmouths say that they are born again. Jesus said that if the blind lead the blind, they both will fall into the ditch!
Frank Monye, Owerre-Olubor

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dec. 30, 2009: Francis Ogwu becomes the Odogwu of Owerre-Olubor

A Word from the Odogwu

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this memorable occasion.  As we all know, our gathering here today is to rejoice with the newly crowned Odogwu of Owerre-Olubor.

It is noteworthy that this important title, which has a lot to do in the administration of our great town, had remained vacant for three decades and the Afam Family to which I belong ought to have filled the vacancy long before today.  After carefully studying what has been happening in our town’s administration, I came to the conclusion that the vacant Odogwu stool had contributed to the administrative problems, as no war can be effectively fought without a commander – which is the Odogwu’s position in Owerre-Olubor government.

One day I said to myself, “How can I say I love my town so much when my family left a position that will do a lot in the town’s administration vacant for decades?  Is it that I am not qualified to occupy the post or is it Christianity that is making me to sit back and allow my family to be a setback to the administration of the town?”  Yes, of a truth, many Christians believe that traditional chiefs are idol worshippers and as such true followers of Christ should not accept traditional chieftaincy titles.

But some of the questions still unanswered by these Christians are: Is traditional chieftaincy meant to destroy the town? Is it possible for the king of a town to function well without traditional chiefs? Is there any town without traditional rulers? Is it against Christ if a Christian (who has ideas as to how to move his town forward) accepts an honorary or a traditional chieftaincy?

As the above questions remain unanswered in the sense of dissuading me, I said to myself, “it is time to stop my family being a setback to Umu Olubor in this crucial chieftaincy matter.” Then I braced up and thrust myself forward to accept to be the Odogwu.

My purpose and motivation of accepting to present myself to serve my people in the Odogwu capacity is the desire to foster enduring unity in Owerre-Olubor and to exploit identified diversities for the benefit of Umu Olubor.  For too long we have allowed cracks in the proverbial wall to provide habitation for reptiles of all shades and colours.  The time is now for us to close ranks and join hands to rebuild the Owerre-Olubor nation into a new, virile and formidable entity that will be the pride of all and the envy of others.

It is time for us to rekindle, reinvent and re-ventilate the affinity, enthusiasm and the unity of purpose displayed by our forefathers towards the liberation of our ancestral lineage, even though the liberation was not total as they did not retain and sustain the autonomous kingdom we all now look forward to.

This is time for every son and daughter of Olubor to stop negative confessions concerning our great town and come out in full to join hands, no matter where you reside, and contribute money, ideas and exert the energy that will help us to where we will love to belong.  Let me warn that if this generation that knows a bit about our culture failed to put Olubor’s name on the map of Delta State, our children who have no knowledge of our culture will never forgive us because they will not find it easy to come home and stay comfortably. Please let everyone of us think what to do for Olubor rather than what Olubor will do for us.

The Toast of Odogwu Lozie Ogwu
-- by Frank Monye

His Highness Onwuse, the Ogwude of Owerre-Olubor;
Chief Okwudi, the honorary courtier of the Ogwude;
Chief Clement Okoh, the Iyase of Owerre-Olubor; High Priest Ale, the Ohenle Edofi of Owerre-Olubor; Diokpa Smart Monye, the Chief Host; Chief Edwin Ehinze, the Isama of Owerre-Olubor; Ndi Chi Ogbe Owerre-Olubor; the Guests at the High Table; Distinguished ladies and gentlemen:
The man we are celebrating today is the rightful prospect of the chieftaincy being invested in him, i.e. the Odogwu of Owerre-Olubor.  You may be starry-eyed or dumbfounded on hearing this seemingly exaggerated description!  No, it is no exaggeration. It is not misappropriation of honour. Let me open a secret to bolster my assertion.
The name of the man of the day – “Ogwu,” you will notice, rhymes with the title, “Odogwu” and even His Highness’s title, “Ogwude”.  In the former, it is the suffix whilst in the latter it is the prefix.  Besides, this chieftaincy had waited for three decades – perhaps to enable the man of the day, Lozie Ogwu, attain the providential age of sitting on the stool.  You can now see why I am saying that Chukwuelozie Francis Ogwu is the “rightful prospect.”
The Odogwu, Chukwuelozie Ogwu, has got all the pre-requisites for the Odogwu chieftaincy.  As you will see from the note (on pages 12 to 14 of the programme pamphlet) of his formal presentation to Ebon Afam on 30th October 2009, Odogwu Ogwu is foresighted, forthright, brave, sincere and educated; he is an ex-soldier, a benefactor of indigent students as well as the jobless. These are some of his commendable attributes.
Odogwu Ogwu’s foresight in concert with other Ikpulus’ informed the formation of Umu-Ikpulu Progressive Union in Lagos in November 1978. Thus Umu-Ikpulu became the first Ogbe in Owerre-Olubor to form a satellite union. It is now on record that the four other Ogbes followed this fine example of Umu-Ikpulu in Lagos.
As for being brave, a case in point will illustrate this.  During the unauthorized felling of timbre trees in the primeval forest, Lozie Ogwu rose to the occasion and challenged the lumberjacks frontally.  He was threatened with a curse.  He was accused of being overweening, of over-reaching himself and plotting the dethronement of Ogwude Benson Anizor.  They threatened to move the town’s okpukpu (an emblem of Ogwude’s regnant authority) to Lozie Ogwu’s residence just for daring to rebuke some of the town’s chieftains who had connived at the unlawful logging in Edofi Forest.  All these threats did not stop Lozie Ogwu from pressing his charges against those lumberjacks at the Olubor Summit where they were penalized with fines.
Odogwu Lozie Ogwu’s pedigree is enviable by the standard of Owerre-Olubor.  His father, John Ogwu Monye, was the first educated man in Umu-Ikpulu.  He was, during his lifetime, the chronicler and demographer of Umu-Ikpulu.  Pa John took great interest in recording the dates of births and names of children born to Umu-Ikpulu fathers.  Besides, Pa John took records of major events and could even tell you the number of Ikpulus off-hand.  Pa John Ogwu was sired by Monye of the great Afam lineage.  Our Odogwu’s mother, Mary (nee Obuseh) would have passed for a princess in some other climes.  Her father, Obuseh, was the Isama of Owerre-Olubor in his day. The name Obuseh sounds like melodious music to the people of Olubor, the reason being that Obuseh was a forthright chieftain in the order of the great Iyase Iyadi.
Honourable guests, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, kith and kin, I have the great honour and I am so very pleased to present to you our man of the day – Odogwu Chukwuelozie Francis Ogwu; to wish him good health and longevity like his predecessors; to wish him a distinguished tenure – the sort of which fairy tales are told by the townsfolk; and above all, to say “may God the Almighty bless the Odogwu and his household.”

 Vote of Thanks
 By Councilor Chiedu Anwuzie

His Highness, Ogwude Onwuse;
The Odogwu;
Ndi Oli Nzele;
Ndi Chi Ogbe;
The High Priest Ale;
Ebon Afam;
The Chairman, Chief Sam Ojogbo;
Distinguished Guests:

In getting up to vote the thanks on this historic occasion, I feel highly honoured and elated.  I cannot remember any time I was given such opportunity as afforded by today’s event.

You all have listened to the tributes, greetings, reminiscences and encomiums given by the kindred and friends of the Odogwu.  You would have read also the tributes appearing in the programme pamphlet, if you have a copy – which I advise you to keep as the souvenir or memento collected at the investiture ceremony of the Odogwu of Owerre-Olubor.  What more can I say by way of tribute?  I think nothing more.
I therefore proceed to thank the Chairman of this occasion, Chief Sam Ojogbo, for anchoring today’s event to a safe and happy ending.  I thank the Ogwude’s representative, Chief Okwudi; the Chief Host – Diokpa Smart Monye and Ebon Afam for giving us a man of the people as Odogwu and for the preparation that has made this occasion the success that it has become; and, lest I forget, our amiable and jocular Master of Ceremony, Mr ………………………..

I cannot forget to thank all the chiefs present here.  I must also thank all the guests who have travelled from distant places and who have spared the time to be present here today.  Even though you might not have been served food and drinks to your satisfaction, I pray that God Almighty – who protected you in your inward journeys – may also grant you journey mercies back to your various destinations.

Finally, I say a “big thank you” to the media men who have come to cover this occasion, because through them history has begun to be written about our homeland – Owerre-Olubor.  Let me seize this opportunity to plead with some of our guests who have the knack for history to begin to take notes, for the history of Owerre-Olubor is already in the making.

Thank, you.  Odimma Obodo ….

Hon. Chiedu Anwuzie
At the investiture ceremony of Chukwuelozie Francis Ogwu as
The Odogwu of Owerre-Olubor on Wed. 30th December 2009.