Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Really the stones that the builders rejected?

In his rejoinder to the ongoing critiques on Bombardier jet-buying-and-flying pastors, the bishop Francis Wale Oke referred to such pastors as “the stone that the builders rejected” in an article with same title which appeared in The Guardian of 12 December 2012. http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107384:oke-the-stone-that-the-builders-rejected&catid=38:columnists&Itemid=615#comments This is a quote from the Psalms (118:22) which had referred to Jesus Christ and his elevation after the earthly ministry.  However, Mr Oke’s use of this quote is certainly out of context. He tried much to rationalize and justify the questionable buying of private jets by saying that the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria has risen from pit of poverty to the pinnacle of Dubai Towers, having been stupendously blessed by God for their evangelistic enterprise!
Francis Oke boasted: “Imagine what Nigeria would have been without the labours and the influence of the church, particularly the Pentecostals and the Charismatics! It would have been a living hell, if with all our positive, godly efforts; we are still in the mess that our nation is today!” Oh, what a bloated self-esteem! I wager, Nigeria would have been a much better place morally and with less corruption were it not for religions – especially the so-called “Pentecostals and Charismatics!” What “hell” can be worse than the wild cacophony which shatters the serenity of the neighbourhood as well as the mental health of innocent souls whenever these Pentecostals are doing vigil?  Even the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency is so overwhelmed that it has now lost control.
Talking about godly efforts? Their so-called “godly efforts” are mere activities and the very antithesis of whatever is called godly effort!  Just check their utterances, behaviours and actions and you will see that they are the most ungodly affectations. No wonder, the apostle Paul wrote at Second Timothy 3:5 that in the last days (in which we now are) people will be showing “a form of godliness but denying its power.” Then he warned: “Have nothing to do with them.”

Francis Oke claims that the Nigerian “Pentecostals and Charismatics” have not deviated from doing the things that brought them into “relevance and prominence” and he says such things are the teaching of holiness, justice and equity …. How I wish these are true!  But it is very clear that they preach nothing but the way to steal, defraud – “the way to abundance and dominion [enslaving others],” as the “bishop” himself confesses. We should not forget the domineering posturing of the one who is good at slapping wretched congregants! And what about the king Dominus – the reverend Emeka King the Killer?

He posits that the jets mean nothing to the jetting pastors, but mere tools to do God’s work. Any intelligent watchman of the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria can clearly see the ring of lie around this claim of the bishop Francis Oke. We clearly see that to them the jet is a status symbol; indeed it means life to them! You read this from Francis Oke’s statement that more jets are on the way! Yes, he boasts: “They ain’t seen nothing yet! More of us will yet buy and maintain our jets ….”

He claims that the pastoral nouveaux riches cannot be fully occupied in their ministries without the jet. But long established churches, some of which have branches in over 200 nations, do not have jetting pastors and yet they spread the gospel without flaunting ostentation like our jet-bomber flying pastors now do! And by the way, must these jetting pastors visit all their church branches every week or every month? Or is the gospel spread necessarily by their many travels and not by the Word which can even travel in the instant in these days of hi-tech and without the wasteful ostentation of jetting around? Look, these pastors have more than enough church members and people to visit and preach to in their neighbourhoods, but they won’t because such ones are too lowly – mere dregs and bloody wretches!  Neighbourhood visitation is much easier than traversing land and seas in expensive jet bombers (sorry, Bombardiers).

Your unbridled acquisitiveness shows that the wicked one who tempted Jesus Christ with worldly fame and riches is the very one behind your brand of Christianity – the counterfeit one! Jesus Christ forewarned long ago that he would not reckon with you in spite of your “mighty works” in his name!

“Our critics should please note that more of us are following the trail of the likes of Adeboye, …” the bishop claims.  Another lie!  Your lives are in sharp contrast to Enoch Adeboye’s.  Yours is the ostentatious lifestyle of the nouveau riche sons of Belial.

With self-conceit, the bishop advises Nigeria and Nigerians to turn to the church for wisdom.  This is laughable counsel. Well, know this, dear bishop, that the wisdom of thieves and con men is not something to be sought. No, God forbid!

Frank Monye
13 Dec. 2012


Even this suggestion of floating conglomerates is fraught with danger. Yes, danger, because the unbridled avarice of some of the director- pastors will lead them to stash away humungous portions of such “counterpart funds” in foreign banks with the collusion of some senior staff of the bank. The other thing against this business plan is that it is not in the commission given by Christ the founder of Christian, and since Satan is the ruler of money, it is foregone conclusion that evil will be the result of such money scheme.
– Frank Monye
01 Jan. 2013