Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yahweh, a partial and violent god?

Mr Yemi Ogunsola,well done! You are now the Righteous Judge – judging the Almighty Creator of all things, the One who is from everlasting to everlasting! The Bible warns at Ecclesiastes 7:16 not to be over-righteous or over-wise, as being so is self-destructing! Your comments cast you in this mould – the self-opinionated most righteous one! I am here responding to your article, “Slaughter In God’s Name: From Canaan To Kano,” which appeared in The Guardian, Saturday, 04 August 2012. ntent

Now to your points.  You described Yahweh as “alien” to the tiny primitive earthly city of Jericho (even the entire Canaan land is a mere speck compared to Yahweh’s awesome creations). Who owns the entire earth? Even though Satan, who is Yahweh’s archenemy, has hijacked the earth and he is currently the ruler of the world as the Bible makes clear at First John 5:19, Yahweh the Almighty Creator will soon reclaim His property. Yes, His property! The Bible says the earth, together with the fullness thereof, belongs to Yahweh. So how can a person be alien to his property? We need a high level of dialectics and higher criticism to prove this.

Yes, the Canaanites were historically the original occupiers (not “owners” as you posit) of the land; but the landowner has the exclusive right to allocate and reallocate the land. And that was the right that Yahweh the landowner exercised by evicting the Canaanites. Mr Ogunsola, you cannot know history better than the One who has been in existence even before history began! That One is the eternal Yahweh.

Yahweh is omniscient. If so, how then could He have “misguided” the Israelites to whom He was reallocating the land?  Yahweh, being omniscient, had very just reasons for evicting the Canaanites. Check up from history as well as the Bible and you will discover that the Canaanites committed abominable acts, especially the sacrificing of children to their god, Molech. A rundown of such sinful acts can be found in the Bible’s book of Leviticus at chapter 18 verses 21 to 29. God warned the new occupants, the Israelites, in these verses that they too would likewise be thrown out if they practiced the abominable acts of the Canaanites.  So, Yahweh is not partial.  He is the God of justice.

There are prophetic meanings to some of the historical events in the Bible’s Old Testament. For example, the eviction of the Canaanites prophetically prefigures what God will do to the ungodly and wicked ones when the time comes for Him to send his first creation – Jesus Christ – together with his angelic associates to reclaim the earth.  The wicked ones, like the Canaanites of old, will similarly be evicted from the entire earth by annihilation at Armageddon in order to give way for the meek and righteous ones to possess the earth.

You asked: “How can there be true world peace when so many burn incense daily to Yahweh, a god of violence?” Understand this, Mr Ogunsola, that the incense they burn today is not to Yahweh. And the world can never have peace as long as the “lawless man” – Satan – has the world in his tight grip. (1st John 5:19). Yes, Satan has come to destroy; no wonder the Bible in the book of Revelation says, “Woe to the earth” because Satan has come down to it with great fury, knowing that his time is short.

“Yahweh, a god of violence?”  You should patiently and objectively study the Bible and you will find that Yahweh – the one who abhors violence and for which reason He removed all the violent and ungodly people of Noah’s day – can never be “a god of violence.”

Now “are you seeing what I‘m seeing?” to quote you, Mr Ogunsola.

Frank Monye
Sat. 4 Aug. 2012